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Register for Classes

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If you are already familiar with the registration process, click here to log-in to ULINK to register for classes online, otherwise please read the instructions below.

All Graduate students are encouraged to contact the department they have been admitted to speak with an advisor. Once you have been advised, you may register during any of the registration periods indicated on the Registrar's site:

Registration Hours
With the exception of each Friday from 9:50pm until Saturday at 7:00am, the system should be available 24 hours on the dates indicated.

Web Registration Instructions
ULink is a web portal, a secure site that pulls key information and features found on many web pages and puts it on one central location.One of these features is web registration (The Schedule of Classes is also available). The URL for this site is We encourage you to log on to ULink and become familiar with its services. Follow the sign-on instructions under the "For First-time Users" link. If you have any difficulty logging in, please contact the university Helpdesk by email at or by telephone at (502) 852-7997 (On Campus - 7997).

Once you have logged onto ULink, click the "Student Services" tab and you will find options to allow you to add, drop, and swap classes.

Instructions for making financial settlement will be given as part of the registration process. The touch-tone system (Phone: (502) 852 - 2222) is still available, and you may use that system as your backup if you experience any problem with the web service.

Touch-tone Telephone Registration Instructions
Dial (502) 852 - 2222 (On Campus - 2222). You may register by phone using the Touch-tone registration system. Only touch-tone phones may be used. The system will guide you with a voice response message and prompt you to enter information. If you receive a busy signal, all lines are in use. Please wait a few minutes, then try again.

Need Help?
If you have general questions or need help using the Touch-tone registration system, first read through the instructions in the Schedule of Courses. If you need further assistance, call the RegistrarĀ¹s Office at (502) 852-6522 during regular office hours listed in this Schedule of Courses.

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